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Zamara, being at the forefront of empowering members gives you access to a state of the art portal that permits members of pension schemes to access their retirement accounts. Backed by a powerful administration system, the portal provides members with quick and easy real time access to their account as well as financial tools.

The platform has multiple access types including via an online portal as well as via a mobile application ‘app’ (for android and apple users). The new app is found on Play Store and Apple Store listed as Zamara. To access the online portal, please use the link .

Registration on the new portal (online and app) is quick and easy. Each member requires their unique scheme code and their member number to register. The unique scheme code can be obtained from the respective organisation’s Human Resource Department or from the Zamara Online Support Team.
Once registered, a member can:

  • View their contribution history
  • Generate a benefit statement
  • Make an online claim and track its progress
  • Record and track their beneficiaries.

Our online and mobile app has a number of functional financial tools. Each tool was designed to assist a member with a specific part of their personal financial journey

  • Budgeting tool – assists a member in planning their month-on-month budgets. Knowing where one spends is the first step in determining where one can save
  • Savings tool – assists a member in achieving a particular savings target. The saving targets are varied including a car, the house, the new phone, education for the children. The list is limitless.
  • Debt tool – assists a member in restructuring their debt repayment plans
  • Benefit projection tool – assists a member in keeping their retirement plan on course. Knowing the likely outcome a member can modify their savings to achieve a desired


The functionality of our developed system is superior to any operating administrative system in Kenya and provides schemes with a distinct value added approach to benefit administration and more importantly, provides our members with the information they want when they want.

Our tools and online services are constantly being updated. Stay connected to find out about our new solutions.


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