Managing your medical expenditure

Posted on December 21, 2021

Below are options that you may consider in regards to managing your expenditure going forward depending on the benefit;

  • Utilize the appointed provider panel as the rates are negotiated/discounted
  • Take advantage of the direct access to specialists e.g. pediatricians, gynecologists, and dentists to avoid repeat visits to general practitioners.
  • Where practical, choose your providers wisely-Level B and C hospitals appointed by UAP Insurance are cost-effective and up to standard in terms of service delivery.
  • Review your bills before signing them to avoid cases of over-billing from providers.
  • Seek a second opinion, especially for prescribed procedures to ascertain whether it is necessary.
  • Where possible, make use of hospital packages (for example maternity packages) that give more value for money.
  • Enroll in Chronic Disease Management Programs and Drug Delivery Programs which offer treatment at subsidized rates.
  • Use your NHIF membership to subsidize your medical cover.
  • Participate in the scheduled health talks & wellness events to enable you to take charge of your health.
  • Make use of our free nutrition (improves diet) and counselling services (avoid/deal with stress). Practicing healthy living and incorporating exercise in your schedule helps to avoid the need for medical treatment.

  • In case of further queries, kindly do not hesitate to reach out to the Zamara team through the dedicated hotline; Dedicated Resource- 0726755492; Call centre Number- 0709 469111; Zamara Toll Free Counselling line: 0800-221-HELP (0800-221-4357)