The Zamara Pension Performance Watch Edition – 2017 Edition

Posted on December 17, 2021

Scheme administration is a critical and integral part of the day-to-day management of a retirement benefits scheme. Scheme administration is a specialized field that requires certain professional skills to ensure the smooth management and running of the scheme. A well-administered scheme reflects well on members’ perceptions of the scheme. At Zamara, we provide the full spectrum of Benefits Administration Services. Our competitive advantage lies in our complement of skills, size, corporate governance, IT systems, our staff and our innovative approach. Our full range of consulting and benefit administration services include:
  • Consulting and Advisory Services

    • Secretarial services
    • Documentation and compliance
    • Reporting to Trustees and Members
    • Managing regular board meetings
    • Liaising with all service providers
    • Liaising with regulators
    • Member education services
  • Benefit Administration Services

    • Maintenance of individual member data records
    • Benefit processing and payment
    • Benefit projections
    • Online member access
    • Pensioner administration
    • Quarterly administration reports
    • Member communication services
  • Fund Accounting Services

    • Maintaining cashbooks
    • Preparing management accounts
    • Preparing accounts for audit
    • Preparing cash flow statements
    • Payment of tax – individual and corporate