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G. Education Policy

A policy that enables you to save towards the future education dependants in the event of the insured’s earlier death, disability or policy maturity.

Benefits: A waiver of premiums on death or permanent disability of the policyholder during the contribution period, Loan security, Guaranteed plan - all money accrued will be paid as promised upon maturity.

H. Zamara Afya Policy

Care for your family better with Zamara: An affordable insurance policy designed to ensure that you, your family members and dependents get prompt access to the healthcare and expertise that’s right for you when you need it.

Benefits: Customized health plan, Waived waiting periods, Competitive cost, A broad panel of service providers, Waived co-pay and Pre-entry medical examination

I. Last Rites Policy

Plan your last rites better with Zamara: A funeral policy that cares for you and your loved ones at your lowest moments.

Benefits: Covers you, your family, your parents and parents in law for as low as Kshs. 1400, Covers your parents and parents-in-law to a maximum age of 84 years, Limited waiting periods, one month for your nuclear family and three months for your parents and parents-in-laws.

J. Personal Accident Plus

Protect yourself better with Zamara: A unique and complete single premium protection policy that offers you various benefits in the event of an accident covering your immediate family members.

Benefits: Comprehensive accidental insurance under one policy, A Single discounted premium for varied benefits, A Single policy covering for all members of your immediate family, An evacuation with a flying doctor, Funeral expenses payable within 48 hours, International repatriation, No medical examination required