How can I change my money mindset?

Posted on January 15, 2023

Don’t we all wish financial literacy was something we learnt in school, at least it’s being introduced to the new curriculum. How we view money is a journey that most if not all of us unfortunately stumble through, unless you have a mentor that guides you. The sad reality is that most of us start really learning about savings a lot later than we should, I mean we are all told saving is good and something that we should do but we never really grasp the impact that this has on our future until we are in our mid to late twenties and that’s if we are lucky most of the time it’s when we are in our thirties.

Fortunately this can be fixed and it’s never too late to change your money mindset, although there are a few prerequisites; first is a can do attitude just like with everything else in life you need to believe that your mindset can and will change but it is going to require self-discipline, budgeting, accountability, sacrifice, living below your means I could go on and on but you get it, it will take work, time and a sprinkle of grace for when you mess up because you probably will. I say a sprinkle because you don’t want to be too liberal with the grace that its sets you too far back from your goal. Your view of money also needs to change for example if you have a scarcity mentality you need to flip that to an abundance mentality. All these things have become easier to do especially with the vast resources we have now, whether through a life coach, online platforms, books, financial literacy classes and consulting friends and family that can nudge you in the right direction.