Zamara Income Draw Down

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You enjoy an income from the IDD Plan at a level of your choosing, within prescribed limits
You can draw this income from your IDD Plan at a frequency that suits you: once a year or as frequently as every month.
You can adjust the level of income once a year to suit your needs.
Your IDD Plan continues to earn interest every year, even as you draw down a certain amount.
The benefits you receive from the fund enjoy preferential tax treatment and after the age of 65, no tax is payable from your IDD Plan.

Enjoying a regular periodic payment in your retirement while the balance of your funds remains invested for future growth with IDD Plan.

The IDD plan can be bequeathed to your nominated beneficiaries, in the unfortunate event of your death for them to continue to receive benefits from the I DD Plan until it is depleted.
You have access to other additional insurance covers such as life assurance covers at cost effective premiums.
You can still buy an annuity at a later date.
Zamara will provide you with a dedicated Advisor to provide you with information on your I DD
Plan on an ongoing basis.