Mwafuli Unrestricted Pension Fund

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Benefits to the Employer

A professional and well-managed programme that requires minimal employer involvement, allowing the employer to focus on its core business.
Centralisation of management of employee benefits programs.
Reduced risk, and thus optimal returns, through larger and better- diversified investment portfolios.
Economies of scale and lower overall costs than other pension fund arrangements.
Transparent investment and performance reporting.
Regular communication to the employers.

Mwafuli is a defined contribution (DC), and unrestricted pension scheme designed to offer organisations an economically efficient pension portfolio for managing their employees’ pensions. The Scheme is registered by the Registrar of Pensions and will provide pension benefits for members. The Zamara Mwafuli Unrestricted Pension Fund is an umbrella fund that is the ultimate Pension benefits solution, allowing an employer to provide flexible yet competitive benefits without the hassle of having to run an in-house Pension benefits scheme.

Benefits to the Employee

Simple benefits which are easily understood by employees
Ability for employees to make Additional Voluntary Contributions and boost their retirement fund
Ease of administration of benefits to ensure that benefits are paid in a timely manner
Use of state of the art digital platforms and tools
Access one’s pension account at any time Regular engagement and communication with members