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Benefits of Individual Pension:

Flexible contribution plan
Real-time access to your pension account
You can have an individual pension plan whether you are self-employed or not working.
Either you or anyone else can make contributions on your behalf to the individual pension account.
Individual pensions are flexible and portable so if your circumstances change, you start a new job, or you stop working you can transfer the benefits and continue contributing towards your retirement.
Your individual pension account can be used to buy an annuity or designated into a programmed withdrawal to provide a guaranteed income in retirement.

Our individual pension plan is a long-term investment plan that allows you to build a sizeable retirement fund. Your monthly contributions grow exponentially with competitive interest rates. If you are the owner or executive of a business, naturally you care about your company’s future, but you should also start thinking about your own future. In other words, your Pensions. If you think that you may have neglected your goals in the past, don’t worry, you can still make up for lost time. Fortunately, there exists financial product that benefits both you and your company, and that will ensure you of the comfortable Pensions you deserve.