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Life is Better Secured with Zamara

Our offering is highly innovative and client centric, where your needs come first.

Some of our offerings include:

Customized and combined solutions; this is tailormade to meet your needs both legally and in terms of benefit coverage. We help you save on cost and promotes efficiency in managing of insurance covers.
Enhanced benefits: we provide benefits that you will derive maximum value from.
Risk Management: we provide advice to you on how to manage your risks on a continuous basis.

Our overall commitment to service excellence is further supported through a holistic approach focusing on value added client service and solutions. This innovative approach to insurance broking is unique in the market and emphasizes the commitment to value added client service.

Negotiation ability: we get you best value for your money due to bargaining power obtained from our unrivalled client base and strategic partnerships.
Renewal remarketing exercise: we conduct market assessment year on year to ensure you, on annual basis, acquire the best optimal insurance covers at a cost-efficient price.
Benchmarking: we provide scoping of your benefits measured against other peers in the market to effectively advise on appropriate structure that will enable you remains competitive in employee attraction and retention.

1. Employee Benefits

Secure a better future for your employees with Zamara

Attract and retain talent.
Differentiate your business from your competitors.
Improve your bottom line by engaging employees to participate in wellbeing programs
Reduce healthcare costs for your organization and employees with fewer health risks experience fewer sick days, fewer trips to the doctor, and spend more time working, bringing their best selves to work every day.

Offering benefits to your employees is critical as it shows you as an employer are devoted in your employees’ overall health and their future. A well thought through employee benefits package can help you.

2. Healthcare Benefits

Services we provide include:

Medical Insurance broking
Care & case management
Claims advocacy
Wellness consulting
Third party administration

We help employers to better target their health care spending and ensure they receive value for money.

3. Life and Disability Assurance

We offer life insurance to organizations that include the following benefits:

Life cover
Death cover
Permanent disability
Critical illness
Medical reimbursement
Funeral cover
Personal Accident

Protect what matters better with Zamara

Our integrated servicing and management system have the following capabilities:

Experienced and highly qualified broking and operations team
Dedicated account manager
Cost effectiveness
Continuous member education

4. Corporate General Insurance

The insurance policies we offer include:

Assets related policies - assets all risks, business interruption in case of incidences caused by fire and related perils and machinery breakdown
Liability related policies - public liability, products liability, directors and officer’s liability, Medical malpractice and professional indemnity
Political Risks & Terrorism
Crop Insurance
Crime - Burglary, Loss of cash in transit &Theft by employees

Business is better with Zamara. Zamara provides solutions to our corporate clients for their business risks. We assist our clients to manage their total cost of insurance, by minimizing losses that can be mitigated through prudent risk management.

5. Motor Insurance

We offer comprehensive and third-party insurance covers for:

Motor - Private, Commercial and Motorcycles
Vehicles used for hire and reward
Motor internal and external trade policies
Marine Insurance
Goods in Transit Insurance
Carriers’ Liability

The ride is better with Zamara. We also extend the motor insurance coverage to cover terrorism & political violence risks, excess protector and personal accident to the vehicle owners and their families.

6. Aviation Insurance

Protected better with Zamara.

Aircraft Hull All Risks, Spares and Liability
Hull War and Allied Perils including Extortion and Hijack Expenses.
Premises, Hangarkeepers and Products Liability:
Crew Personal Accident
Efficient and timely claim handling

Zamara Risk & Insurance Brokers Ltd in partnership with Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services. We offer Specialist insurance for the Aviation Industry for helicopters, fixed wings aircraft and also privately-owned aircraft.