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1. Retirement Fund Administration Services

Golden years are better with Zamara

Core administration: Full member data maintenance, benefit calculations and communicating benefit options to members
Preparation of scheme accounts: Full bookkeeping service and preparation of scheme’s annual accounts for audit
Pension payroll: Maintaining a continuously updated database and running the pension payroll
Documentation and compliance: Ensuring the scheme is compliant with legislation and tax requirements, and all documentation are maintained and controlled
Trustee services: A secretarial service including, arranging trustee meetings, taking minutes, drawing action points and coordinating delivery of action points

Scheme administration is a critical and integral part of the day-to-day management of a retirement benefits scheme. It is a specialized field that requires professional skills to ensure the smooth management and running of the scheme. A well administered scheme reflects well on members’ perceptions and by extension the state of the employer.

Member communication: Keeping scheme members informed of their benefits through appropriate information, benefit statements and education forums.
Web access and online tools: Access to a variety of online tools and portals for members, trustees, sponsors and access to interactive online tools to enable members to better plan their finances and retirement.
Balloting: Conducting elections for member elected trustees which can be done in the form of a manual ballot or online election.
Trustee training: Organizing trustee trainings ranging from basics to more advanced programs on investments, alternative investment classes, funding and governance.

2. Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund

Benefits to the Employer

A professional and well-managed programme that requires minimal employer involvement. Allows the employer to focus on its core business
Centralisation of management of employee benefits Programs.
Inclusion of insured and disability insurances within the fund at cost-effective rates
Reduced risk, and thus optimal returns, through larger and better-diversified investment portfolios.
Economies of scale and lower overall costs than other retirement fund arrangements
Transparent investment and performance reporting
Regular communication to the employer and members

At Zamara, we appreciate that employee benefits are an important factor in the ability of an employer to attract, retain and motivate good quality staff by creating a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company. The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund is an umbrella fund that is the ultimate retirement benefits solution, allowing an employer to provide flexible yet competitive benefits without the hassle of having to run a retirement benefits scheme.

Benefits to the Employee

Uncomplicated benefits which are easily understood and valued by the employees
Ability for employees to make Additional Voluntary Contributions and boost their retirement fund
A tax-exempt structure
Ease of administration of benefits to ensure that benefits are paid in a timely manner.
Use of state-of-the-art digital platforms and tools to access one’s retirement fund at any time and plan their finances
Access to additional benefits, such as post-retirement medical as collateral to accessing mortgage.
Regular engagement and communication with members

3. Corporate Trustee Services

Secure your assets with Zamara

The Zamara Maisha Trust Fund enables members of retirement funds and cooperative societies as well as insurance policyholders to nominate the Fund to receive their benefits on their demise for the purpose of disbursement to their beneficiaries.

This ensures that death benefits serve their intended purpose to ensure that the beneficiaries (and especially minors) are taken care of.